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Is Dairy good for you?

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

"MILK. It does a body good"

"Got, Milk?"

Growing up as a kid in the 80's, we where bombarded with television commercials and advertisements about how important it is for us to drink milk to maintain healthy and strong bones.

Does milk really help build healthy bones?

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I learned that milk does not help build healthy bones. Milk in fact, will causes inflammation.

Dairy is difficult for the body to digest due to the presence of lactose. Dairy may contribute to even more health problems due to the high levels of saturated fat. Overconsumption can cause inflammation. Dairy is highly emphasized in the Standard American Diet (SAD) or "western" diet. Dairy is good for building healthy bones, etc... it is all engraved in our brains/minds. Even doctors tell us this.

Honestly, we don't necessarily need dairy in our diets. If you are worried about bone health. As long as you eat a healthy diet with protein, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and healthy fats you should be good.

Over the past few years, many people have begun to consider using milk alternatives, such as nut milk or soy products in replacement of dairy products. Milk alternatives are yummy, but that's also marketing and a total money grab. There are many dairy alternatives on the market, which can be loaded with added sugars or flavorings. This is why you need to read the nutritional label carefully. Making homemade nut milk tastes way better than store-bought.

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The entire contents of this article are based upon the opinions of Blenda Chan. Please note that Blenda Chan is not a dietitian, physician, pharmacist or other licensed healthcare professional. The information in this article is NOT intended as medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the care of a qualified health care professional. This content is not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases. Always consult with your primary care physician or licensed healthcare provider for all diagnosis and treatment of any diseases or conditions, for medications or medical advice as well as before changing your health care regimen.

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