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My Pre-Pregnancy Experience

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

My experience with pre-pregnancy was to not get pregnant before I was married. For many years I was trying to avoid unwanted pregnancy and when the time came I thought it would be easy. In my case, it was not. I was having fertility issues for 4-5 years before I actually got pregnant. My previous article "IVF and Nutrition" ties into this story.

Planning for a baby is an exciting time. Babies bring so much joy into our lives. I love babies and when I saw my little nieces and nephews born, I got baby fever. I was trying for so many years and it just never happened. I remember the time when all my friends around me got pregnant and I was not. A dear family member of mine told me that she never had issues and asked what was my problem. She asked if I had regular mensural cycles, why didn't I want to have kids, and told me to go get busy. I was so offended with her comments and remarks, it still sticks in my mind from time to time. My husband and I had a conversation about being just the two of us for the rest of our lives. I did come to terms with this idea but I still couldn't accept the fact that I may never be pregnant.

I continued to get acupuncture from my naturopathic doctor to help with getting pregnant. My husband and I eventually went to get professional help and with the help of my fertility doctor, nurse and a whole team at the clinic I finally got pregnant. I had a baby girl in 2015. Then a few years later I knew exactly want to do to have a second child and had a baby boy in 2018.

Pre-pregnancy is a good time to detox and start eating wholesome nutrient-dense foods.

Optimal nutrition is key. Getting the body ready before having a baby helps with the development of the fetus. I was on folic acid. Folic acid is a B vitamin that plays an important role in the production of red blood cells. For women that are pregnant, it helps reduce the risk of birth defects. I was also on a high-quality fish oil with CoQ10. Fish oil is essential for everyone's diet because good fats in our diet are normally missing. Most people eat the wrong kinds of fats, such as processed foods, meat,, and dairy products. CoQ10 (a.k.a. Coenzyme Q10) was an additional supplement that was in the fish oil. CoQ10 helps to improve heart health and regulates blood sugar. I truly believed that my daughter's health is so strong due to taking a fish oil with CoQ10. I ate whole foods and drank lots of water trying to give my baby the best nutrients needed to grow into a healthy baby. I slept a lot because growing a baby was hard work. I was exhausted at the end of my workday, but I still managed to hit the gym a few days a week for my yoga, step, and weight training classes.

Having the chance to carry a baby was a gift. I treasured every moment. I am blessed and thankful to all my friends and family during this time.

Tips for pre-pregnancy:

  1. Start taking folic acid

  2. Start taking a high quality fish oil with CoQ10

  3. Eat a healthy diet full of nutrient dense foods

  4. Avoid processed foods, meats and dairy products

  5. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily

  6. Exercise and meditate

  7. Minimize stress

  8. Get enough sleep

  9. Seek help if you need it

  10. Be open and talk to your partner

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