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Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

As the holiday season is fast approaching. We are going to gathering filled with rich foods and beverages. Often we gain holiday weight because we are grazing on food all around us - in the office, or at home. Here are some of my top tips on how to eat healthy and stay happy during the holiday season.

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These are my top 5 tips:

1. Eat mindfully and eat slowly

2. Eat the rainbow by adding more vegetables

3. Choose drinks wisely, avoid or limit alcohol

4. Stay hydrated by drinking water

5. Choose homemade foods items more often

Remember to give yourself some grace and allow yourself to enjoy the foods you love without feeling guilty. Find balance and find what works for you. Holidays are not the best time to set a goal. Holidays are often stressful enough with holiday plans and Christmas shopping. Thus it is important to focus on choosing the right foods and healthier food items. Finding something sustainable to you and what works best.

And if you do decide to set a goal during the holidays we have to ask ourselves: What is meaningful to you? Everybody’s goals are different. It is important for you to find what is meaningful to you. Ensure you communicate your goals. And Tell Everyone! To achieve your goal it is important to communicate to your friends, family and even co-workers. These are people that will cheer you on and support you.

If your going to a party don't forget to bring a healthy dish with you. Try something new, and make it tasty.

Watch your portion sizes. Smaller plates will encourage you to eat less. Load up on fresh veggies and proteins.

Eat slowly and take a pause between bites. Put your fork down and allow your body to digest the food you have eaten. Listen to your body and you will know when you are full; this will prevent overeating.

Avoid alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks. These drinks are loaded with excessive sugar and often loaded with empty calories. Instead try unsweetened sparking water, adding fresh limes, lemons, or herbs to liven up the water. And if you choose to drink set a limit and stick to it.

Don’t skip meals! Before going to a holiday party never skip meals because this has an opposite effect - putting your body in fat-storage mode. Often when you get to party you often overeat and eat way too much. It is important to eat a healthy protein-rich breakfast and lunch before going to a holiday gathering.

Keep exercising! It's always busy around the holidays but even a 10-15 minute workout will do us good. Don't stop exercising. Exercise will help increase metabolism and help our body with burning fat.

Remember never reward yourself with food. Instead reward your self with other things that are important to you. Find downtime with family, a spa day, or do something you enjoy. Some of us may have an emotional attachment with food. Working with a holistic nutritionist like me, will help you take control over food.

Use positive affirmations. Such as:

“I eat for fuel, not feelings.

"I exercise for life, not punishment.”

“I am stronger than my cravings.”

“I am successful at everything I do"

Bottom line is to celebrate and remember the holiday season is about the connections we build and the memories we create.

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