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A Mother's Love

When my mother-in-law passed in the summer of 2021, our family was in distress. Witnessing my father-in-law, sorrowing over the death of his wife. Seeing my husband lose his mother, his primary caretaker from birth. Losing the most important person in their lives. Grieving the loss of a loved one is never easy. The family understood her medical condition and knew that she has been going downhill. Unfortunately, her cancer had relapsed and we lost her too soon. She is no longer here with us anymore, but her love and light live on forever within us. My mother-in-law's passing made me appreciate and admire her even more. Being a mother of 2 children (3 yr old and 6 yr old), I understood how she became the woman she was. How strong she was, why she did the things she did, and why she said the things she said.

After having my children, this is when I understood what love really feels like. This love that I don't even know how to describe. But this love that fills my chest every single time I held them. V was my first, she was an easy-going child that kept herself busy and very sufficient at the young age of 3. My second was J, he was more work compared to my first. When J needed to stay in the hospital for an extra week because he was having breathing issues. I was so worried and cried a lot. I thought I was being an awful mother because the nurse told me that I wasn't waking him up in time to feed him. His weight kept decreasing. My 8 pounds and16 ounce baby was losing weight dramatically. I had no idea what was going on. On the 4th morning, another nurse came in and told me that we should try pumping breastmilk and bottle feeding him. I agreed. His weight started to increase and that nurse reassured me that he is going to be fine. Finally, by the 7th day we understood what was happening with my newborn. He was having issues with his little heart and lungs, the doctor finally explained it to us. My husband and I were relieved that everything was going to be just fine. We were discharged and went home shortly. Only after having my children did I really understand a mother's love for her children. This special bond is undeniable the strongest.

My mother has always cheered me on my entire life. My mother is a one of a kind women. She gives me unconditional love. She is the person first person I call to share my joys and sorrows with. She showed me how to be a mother. My mother is my role-model. I am appreciative of everything my mother does for our family, she is the glue that holds us all together. Dear mom, I love you.

Today, I want to wish all mother's a Happy Mother's Day!

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